Moonz Candles


100% Natural Coconut & Soy


Absolutely no additives which means you &

your family can enjoy a wonderfully lightly scented

Candle without the toxins. Moonz metaphysical is a small family home

business because it's at home my hours are

limited but online orders are available 24/7 on here if you have questions or need a Custom Invoice plz do so

during business hours.

If you have placed a order, the order will not be started till a formal payment has been made in the order it was paid. Pick up is in Odessa Texas Mon-Fri 1-6pm by appointment only. Please text to

confirm before hand. Magic takes

time so please be kind and understanding for the

completion of your Orders. Catch me at my

upcoming events by adding my social medias for

location/updates to see me in person.

I appreciate you for checking us out. All sales have required sales tax and No additional fees or shipping is required on this online site (what you see is what you pay ) at checkout ❤️. For certain things such as casting work , it’s not necessarily displayed so much here because it is personal and unique to every person. Message me. Happy shopping and thank you for supporting a small business! Below is a fun way to support my business or tip us, it’s not ever required. I was asked to add a tip option and I appreciate everything! There’s also links and info below! I make custom jewelry and candles and also have other listings on my social media for discounts go add my Instagram or email me for custom orders or exclusive deals!

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Open From 12-6PM


but your welcome to put in orders on here anytime. Texts , emails or calls will only be answered 12-6PM please have common courtesy to my hours my family requires my time as well ❤️🥺 I say this not to be rude at all 🥺 but because Iv had people call me or message me at ALL HOURS. ITS NOT cool k.

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My candles are not like store brand

paraffin candles, which have toxic

chemicals to help with the scent being

so strong. Therefore, the scent throw

will differ with natural coconut/soy/bees wax candles. Moonz candles

originally started all natural

candles due to my youngest son having health issues, so that we can enjoy a adorable light blissful good vibes candle and know what’s in them and be safe around my child with lung disease and it ended up

become a family thing we do together ❤️🕯

I handcraft all of my

products in small batches with love and

blessings and my children often help. My

crystals are ethically sourced to the best of

my ability from Madagascar Mining crew and other places like small businesses where I’ve chosen with your best

intention for quality and energy! If you just like cute candles HMU I got you or if it’s deeper then that I got you. I have a passion for beautiful things and spiritual

awareness and I believe in the power of

intention! Literally the mind and Spirit is

power. You just need all the tools to get

going, Candles can be powerful tools for any

ritual or healing and I hope you enjoy them

just as much as I do creating them. Love Moonz Family

Everything is made to Order, pre ordered unless item is on hand so please allow up to 5-15 days of completion of your order! I go in order of receipts paid ❤️ it’s Only me and my baby’s often help putting good intentions and love into everything you order! We appreciate your support! If you like to see reviews and read up more about Moonz Candles I have a other site purely for information at the pink ball link below